Tournament Rules NBA 2K League Draft Showcase

· All WR league terms of service (click here) and privacy policies (click here) apply except as modified on this tournament landing page.

· Playstation 5

· NBA 2K22 5 vs 5 Private Pro-Am Tournament

· 32 Teams

· Rounds 1 through semifinals are best of 3, finals are best of 5

· 48 hours per round beginning at 8am Eastern every round

· Every game must be streamed on the registered twitch and the stream must be archived. The stream of the tournament must be available to non-subscribers of the twitch channel.

· After games have been completed the winning team must post all game results (including losses) in discord screenshot channel in team a vs team b format. This ensures the proper team gets credit for games.

· Any time during this tournament all participants are subject to mic checks by admin team.

· There will be no account sharing. Play on your registered account on your registered team. Accounts cannot play on multiple teams, subject to immediate forfeit.

· Box scores will be checked every game to ensure registered players are on team rosters. If found playing with players not on a roster that will be a forfeit.

· The registration fee per team will be $50. There are no refunds.

· Winning team will receive 75% of the total prize pool.

· Every team must have the Hawks Talon GC Tournament logo as their center court logo. In addition, the WR Pro-Am League or UPA logo must also be on the court one of the sides or the arena logo. Both logos can be found by searching for WRLeague on NBA 2K22 on both consoles. Not having one of the two logos on the court may result in a warning or a forfeit.

· All five players (5) from winning team and one (1) player selected from the losing team will become eligible to participate in the Draft Combine for Season 5 of the NBA 2K League, in accordance with NBA 2K League guidelines.

· If a team has won another draft qualifying tournament while they are still competing in this tournament, that team will be forced to withdraw from the current round immediately. Their opponent from the previous round will be allowed to advance in their position.

· The opportunity to join the NBA 2K League combine is subject to NBA 2K League approval, which approval may be granted or withheld in the sole discretion of the NBA 2K League, and the satisfaction of all applicable eligibility requirements established by the NBA 2K League.

· To be eligible for potential draft eligibility, participants in Online Tournaments involving draft pool eligibility must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and have graduated from high school by October 1, 2021 (or, if the participant did not graduate from high school, the class with which the participant would have graduated had he or she graduated from high school must have graduated by October 1, 2021). This requirement relates only to potential draft eligibility and, subject to applicable laws and participation rules, failure to satisfy this requirement does not preclude tournament participation.

· No individual who participated in the NBA 2K League as a player at any point during the 2021 NBA 2K League season may participate in Local Tournaments or Online Tournaments involving draft pool eligibility.

The WR tournament page with all of the rules and info regarding the tournament can be found here

Gameplay rules can be found at