Hawks Talon GC Eliminated In NBA 2K League ‘Three For All Showdown’

ATLANTA – Last night, as part of the second round of the NBA 2K League ‘Three For All Showdown’, Hawks Talon Gaming Club, the official NBA 2K League affiliate of the Atlanta Hawks, competed and lost in a best-of-three format against Wizards District Gaming, the official NBA 2K League affiliate of the Washington Wizards, by scores of 15-21 and 18-21.

“The Three For All Showdown was a great opportunity for us to get more experience playing together on the virtual stage,” said Hawks Talon GC Head Coach Wesley Acuff. “While we didn’t get the outcome that we were looking for, we’re ready to move forward and focus on the upcoming season.”

Hawks Talon GC’s starting three featured Michael Diaz-Cruz, known as Bp, who was playing as xXBptzFinestXx. He was a finalist for the 2019 Intel Performance NBA 2K League Most Valuable Player Award after being drafted third overall in the 2019 NBA 2K League Draft. His teammates were Levi Lamb, known as Lee, who played as Lee2k__ and Kwan Niblack, Jr., known as followTHEGOD, who played as IKerryL.

The NBA 2K League ‘Three For All Showdown’ features WNBA and G League ballers, special guests, pro athletes from other sports leagues, the top fan teams from last week’s bracket and some of the top 2K League players. All series aside from the final rounds of each bracket will be played in best-of-three format with the final round matchups being best-of-five. The NBA 2K League’s first-ever ‘Three for All Showdown’ includes a $25,000 prize pool; $15,000 is available to the non-NBA 2K League teams in the second stage, $9,000 is available to the NBA 2K League teams and $1,000 available to the winners of the fan only brackets in the first stage.

Fans can watch the semifinals and finals of the NBA 2K League Three For All Showdown on Twitch and YouTube starting at 8 p.m. tonight.

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