Hawks Talon GC Receives Third Overall Pick In The Upcoming NBA 2K League Draft

ATLANTA – Earlier this afternoon, Hawks Talon Gaming Club, the NBA 2K League team of the Atlanta Hawks, received the third overall pick in the upcoming NBA 2K League Draft as a result of the third NBA 2K League Draft Lottery. Entering the day, Hawks Talon held the fourth-best odds, a 12.5 percent chance, of receiving the first overall pick. The only teams who had better odds were Pistons GT, Lakers Gaming and Knicks Gaming, who each held a 15 percent chance of receiving the number one overall selection.

“We are super excited about receiving the third overall pick,” said Hawks Talon GC Head Coach and General Manager Wesley Acuff. “This pick, along with the others in the upcoming draft, will significantly help us as we develop a championship culture in Atlanta.”

Fourteen ping-pong balls numbered 1 through 14 were placed in a lottery machine. The drawing process occurred in the following manner: All 14 balls were placed in the lottery machine and were mixed for 20 seconds, then the first ball was removed. The remaining balls were mixed in the lottery machine for another 10 seconds, and then the second ball was drawn. There was another 10-second mix, and then the third ball was drawn. There was a 10-second mix, and then the fourth ball was drawn. The team that was assigned any combination of the first four numbers drawn received the number one pick. The same process was repeated with the same ping-pong balls and lottery machine for the second pick and then again for the third pick.

This past offseason, 21 teams that competed in 2019 were required to protect two players who were on its roster at the end of the 2019 season from the expansion draft. Hawks Talon recently announced player protections on DAT BOY SHOTZ (Connor Rodrigues) and RANDO (Randolph Moreno).

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